Daniel Wise, COO, Co-Founder VOS, LLC

Daniel Wise is a co-founder and COO of Veteran’s Organic Solutions, LLC (VOS). Daniel began his journey in the cannabis industry in 2015 and is certified in hydroponics. Daniel joined the military in 2012 and was medically separated in 2018. His time spent in the military provided him the opportunity to learn leadership, discipline, accountability, mission planning and execution and provided him a front row seat to the battle against mental health issues in Veterans.

Daniel received certifications in the Lean-Six-Sigma training program providing him extensive knowledge and skill-sets in process efficiency, operational efficiency, time management and team organization.

His passion to help provide medicinal alternatives to traditional medications, specifically for Veterans and his drive and passion for the Cannabis industry have all contributed to the founding of Veterans Organic Solutions, LLC (VOS,LLC).

You can contact Mr. Wise using the following:

Daniel Wise


(512) 745-3242