Dr. Bao Le, CEO, Co-Founder, BAS Research, Berkeley, Ca

Bao is a seasoned executive and dedicated entrepreneur with a twenty-year history of consistently creating successful startups. His business acumen and accomplishments demonstrate superior skills for identifying and developing untapped market niches in numerous, diverse industries.

Bao’s passion for starting BAS Research is a personal endeavor. After learning that his youngest son is autistic, Bao committed his life to finding safe and holistic alternative treatment for his son and others like him. He learned about CBD’s effectiveness on autistic symptoms and other medical conditions and made it his crusade to improve the industry. BAS Research is his vision and his personal mission is to refine and improve the processes by which cannabis-related products are derived and to change the narrative of the industry to remove the public stigma of cannabis. Bao received his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic.