Jim Sullivan, CEO, Co-Founder VOS, LLC

Jim Sullivan is a co-founder and CEO of Veteran’s Organic Solutions, LLC (VOS), and has been an independent businessman since 1976. While working on his Master of Science in Biology he was drafted into service of the USArmy, advanced training as a medical lab specialist, 1969–71, and was NCOIC of the Blood Donor and Hematology testing unit at Fort Dix New Jersey at the time of his honorable discharge. After his service Jim worked for IBM as an account executive until 1976, and since that time has been successful as an entrepreneur.

A personal mission for me is to create and administer a cannabis manufacturing business that will bring genuine accountability for product efficacy, and standards for product concentration as well as dosage understanding. As a veteran I have seen both the affects of conventional treatment of service connected trauma and have observed first hand the dramatic and beneficial effect of cannabis for PTSD. While this may not be universally true, the soldiers that have been give marijuana regimens have been able to reduce the use or both opioid and psychiatric medications, as well as reduced alcohol consumption. A side affect of these mainstream medications can be depression and suicidal tendencies in the patient. If marijuana can reduce the current suicide rate for veterans (20+ per day) this is motivation for me to be a part of helping to make this happen.

Over the past 50 years Jim has founded and created new businesses, demonstrated leadership, management skills and administrative ability while maintaining a leadership role within several industries.

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Jim Sullivan


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